Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Embroidery Bag Tag!

Hello! I packed my eldest off to her first preschool session last week with a cardboard and string name tag on her cute little bag which I had quickly made from a birthday card picture 5 minutes before we left the house as I had forgotten about naming everything and ordering nametags!!!

This set the scene then for my first mini embroidery experiment! I am not really sure what one is supposed to do when embroidering. I think it should involved some kind of ring or hoop device, although my crafting budget has been wiped out with some extra spending on cake decorating equipment for her birthday cake so this had to be a thrifty make with some bits and bobs left over from past projects!

So this is it! After cutting a small rectangle of white linen, I drew my design on with a ballpoint pen (not sure if that is a conventional or advisable method!) then stitched 'freehand' over with embroidery thread. I then cut a second piece of linen and sewed the two together inside out. Really should have done that on the sewing machine as the closer stitching would have made neater corners when turned back out I think.

Had lots of trouble closing the gap (ribbon edge) once I had turned everything the right way around but managed to patch it all together and get the ribbon attached in the end!

It may not be the most professional item ever made (!) but I like it, she likes it and I did smile when the preschool leader collected it from the cloakroom with ease this afternoon and commented "Ah, clever mummy naming the the bag nice and clearly, that helps" or something like that anyway! Also it didn't really cost anything either. All in all, a good evening's work!




  1. Your first mini embroidery "experiment" turned out really well. You should be very pleased with yourself. I like the font you have used. The purple and green work well together.... Pam

  2. That's so cute!!! I couldn't sew (or embroider) to save my own life. Great job...very creative!

  3. Tezzie - I think anyone could do this so give it a go! I may post tutorials soon as it is sooooo easy to get started, and so much fun!

  4. It turned our really well, well done! As for whether you need special equipment - not really. A hoop does help to keep the fabric nice and taut so it doesn't wrinkle up into the stitches when you've finished, but I think you've discovered it doesn't matter on small items. I wouldn't generally use a ball point pen as they're difficult to cover and mine often spit a glob of ink out (I shouldn't chew them!), a pencil might have been better, but as long as you cover the lines, it doesn't matter!