Friday, 26 August 2011

This time last year.... Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake - This is the cake I made last year for Jasmine's 2nd Birthday - a rather simple creation with three sponge cakes and lots of fondant! I was quite pleased with this overall although I need to know how to create a smoother surface for my carved cakes as Hello Kitty's head is too bumpy for my liking! (Please comment your ideas on fixing this problem!).

Hello Kitty Cake

I did ice with just a layer of apricot jam underneath and am suspicious that buttercream underneath instead would lead to a smoother result.

This year's theme is penguins so got to get thinking on developing my sketchy ideas into more solid plans as time is running out!


  1. I've never attempted to cover a cake in fondant, so I can't offer any tips. Just know that she looks cute! I love the simplicity of the Hello Kitty designs and I'd love to try a Hello Kitty party one of these fun!

  2. Check out the cute Hello Kitty party on this blog!